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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning and More in Kamloops

Total Vent Service cleans your commercial grease exhaust system. We degrease and clean kitchen exhaust fans, commercial cooking equipment including stoves, ovens and fryers. All of our services are performed in accordance with the requirements for NFPA fire code #96. Our crew is trained to conduct safety inspections to ensure your commercial kitchen equipment is running safely, efficiently and is not a fire hazard.

Call Total Vent Service for access panel installations, rooftop grease containment systems and commercial cooking equipment cleaning. Other services are also available upon request.

Hinge Kits Installation

Hinges are necessary for safe access to the inside of exhaust fan systems where fan blades and ducts are located. We can supply and install hinge kits for your commercial kitchen exhaust fan.

Grease Containment Systems

Roof top grease containment systems are designed to protect the damaging effects that grease has on the kitchen exhaust fan and surrounding structures. Grease buildup is not only unsightly, it could restrict air flow to and from the kitchen when the fan is in use, and it may even pose a fire hazard.

SRS Grease Interceptor

An SRS Grease Interceptor is considered the best grease containment system in the industry. This grease interceptor is an effective way to prevent grease from destroying your rooftop. Learn more about the SRS Grease Interceptor.

Access Panel Installation

Total Vent Service can safely install access panels which allow you to effectively clean the areas inside of your kitchen exhaust system including exhaust fan and ducts which are usually difficult to reach.

Commercial Kitchen Grease Exhaust System Cleaning

We thoroughly clean commercial kitchen grease exhaust systems in accordance with NFPA code 96 requirements.

Estimate for Cleaning Service

We offer free estimates for new customers.

Exhaust Fan Service

Inspect exhaust fan for fan belt condition, alignment, and wear, as well as grease bearings if applicable.

Grease Pillow

A grease pillow catches grease in the exhaust system and prevents grease from leaking out during rain or snowfall. We supply and install grease catch pillows to your commercial kitchen exhaust fan, which should be done every three to four months depending on the volume of grease in your kitchen.

Inspection Services

Our BCATT certified technicians perform commercial kitchen exhaust system inspections to keep you compliant with NFPA 96 regulations.

Cooking Equipment Cleaning

Proper degreasing and cleaning of your commercial kitchen cooking equipment including ovens, stoves and fryers is vital to preventing fires and keeping air quality in your kitchen free of pollutants.

Exhaust Fan Belt Installation

It is important to have a fully functioning exhaust fan belt on your exhaust fan. We supply and install fan belts on kitchen grease exhaust fans to ensure the whole exhaust system is working as it should to remove grease and pollutants from your kitchen.

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