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Vent Cleaning Services for a Safer Home and Workplace in Kamloops

For over 25 years, Total Vent Service has been dedicated to the safety of home and business owners in Kamloops. Keeping your ventilation system clean has a direct relationship to the health of individuals breathing the air that flows through it. At home, your heating system keeps you and your family toasty, but it may also be filling the air you breathe with harmful pollutants that could make you sick.

Commercial Kitchen Degreasing

Restaurant owners should pay particular attention to the maintenance of their kitchen exhaust system. Total Vent Service offers commercial kitchen degreasing services to help those in the restaurant business remain compliant with NFPA Code 96. A proper functioning kitchen exhaust prevents grease build up, which could potentially pose a fire hazard.

For professional HVAC services for your home or commercial kitchen, call Total Vent Service today!

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